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Czech Republic Immigration Information Work Permit

Profitable activities conducted by a foreign national in the Czech Republic may take two forms: The foreign national may either be employed by a legal entity or a natural person, or he/she may do business in the Czech Republic. Foreign nationals – holders of permanent residency permits, asylum seekers, EU citizens, members of their families, and other eligible persons are not required to apply for a work permit in the Czech Republic.

Fundamental conditions of foreign nationals’ employment in the Czech Republic:

For the purposes of the Act on Employment, the citizens of EU member states, the EEC and Switzerland, and their relatives, are not considered foreign nationals. They enjoy the same legal status as Czech citizens.

Foreign nationals (and persons without citizenship) may be employed in the Czech Republic, provided they have met two fundamental conditions: they have been granted a work permit and a residency permit. The conditions for the employment of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic are set out in Act No. 435/2004 Coll., on Employment.

A foreign national may be recruited and employed only if he/she holds a valid work permit and a valid Czech residency permit. For these purposes, employment is deemed to include the fulfilment of ordinary tasks procured by a partner, statutory body or member of a corporate body or cooperative.

An employment permit is also required if the foreign national is to work in the Czech Republic for a foreign employer having assigned the foreign national to work in the Czech Republic under a commercial or other agreement concluded with a Czech legal or natural person.

The foreign national may apply for a work permit at the local Labour Office. The applicant for the work permit – foreign national must pay a fee of CZK500.

The foreign national may apply for the issuance of a work permit either in person or through a proxy, authorised by a written power of attorney, or through his/her employer, for whom the foreign national is to work or to whom he/she will be assigned to work by his/her foreign employer, based on a written power of attorney. The work permit is required both if the foreign national is to work for his/her employer on a full-time basis or on a part-time basis. A foreign national must apply for a work permit when he/she will be working full time, part time, when an agreement has been concluded for work activities and work carried out, for short-term employment (e.g. seasonal work, student work) or if such work is carried out in parallel with other working agreements. If a foreign national carries out more than one employment on the territory of the Czech Republic at the same time, he/she must apply for a work permit for each job independently.

Application Procedure

If you find an employer based in the Czech Republic, contact it and arrange for the issuance of a work permit application, including all the particulars. This service may be rendered to you by a job agency you may have addressed. The applicant for the work permit must pay a fee of CZK500.

Subsequently, the relevant Czech Labour Office will hold administrative proceedings and make a decision whether to issue or reject the work permit (considering the situation on the Czech labour market). If the Labour Office decides to issue the permit, it will be issued to the hands of your proxy. Thereafter, the proxy will send you the permit.

Having done so, you must file an application for a residency visa in excess of 90 days for the purposes of employment at a Czech diplomatic mission in your home country; you must attach the valid Czech employment permit to the visa application. Once you take all the steps outlined above and obtain a residency visa in excess of 90 days, you may enter the Czech Republic. Once in the Czech Republic, you must report, within three days, the place and the estimated time of your temporary residence to the Foreigners' Police. After that, you may commence your employment.

Documentation For Work Permit

• A photocopy of the page of your passport containing your basic identification data (to be retained by the Labour Office).

• The original or an officially verified copy of your qualification papers, e.g. a certificate of apprenticeship, diploma, certificate of an accredited language test and other certificates relevant for the profession you will pursue in the Czech Republic.

• Statement by the employer expressing its intention to employ you.

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