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Getting Around in Czech Republic

By Air

You can travel by air between the cities of Prague, Ostrava and Karlovy Vary. Twice a week there is also a flight operated by Czech Airlines between Prague and Brno. For detailed and up-to-date information, please refer to the airline’s website ( ).

You can also enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Czech Republic on observation flights; you will definitely be charmed by the view of the Czech landscape. For specific observation flight offers, please contact a local information centre. The price of a one-hour observation flight for three persons over Prague is about CZK6,000.

By River

Navigable waterways can be found in the country and the main river ports are located at Prague, Ústí nad Labem and Decín.

By Rail

The railway network density in the Czech Republic is one of the best in Europe. Trains are operated by Czech Railways. One can travel by train to any corner of the country in less than seven hours and rail travel is relatively comfortable, if not travelling exactly at peak hours. The fastest trains are the SC (SuperCity), the EC/IC (EuroCity/InterCity) and express trains. However, it's recommended to reserve a seat for these trains ahead of time.

The SC Pendiline offers a fast a reliable connection between Prague, Pardubic, Olomouc and Ostravy. Connections are operated in cooperation with Czech Airlines allowing for further connections beyond Prague’s Ruzyně Airport. The train leaves Prague on two routes: Prague main station/Prague-Holešovice – Pardubice main station – Česká Třebová-Brno-Břeclav (and on to Bratislava or Vienna) or Prague-Holešovice – Pardubice main station – Olomouc main station – Ostrava-Svinov – Ostrava main station. Tickets can be purchased online at and reservations are required.

You can also travel on a mid-speed or a slow train (known as the ‘osobní vlak’, the personal train). For more details and options for transporting your luggage, please refer to the website There you may also find up-to-date prices and discounts available.

By Road

Traffic drives on the right. Driving in the Czech Republic is not as expensive as it is in other countries, but there are certain specific things that must be kept in mind. Motorways run from Prague to Plzen, Podebrady to Bratislava (Slovak Republic) via Brno. Users of the Czech motorways have to buy a vignette (season ticket), which costs approximately CZK800 for each year. A 10-day vignette is now available at approximately CZK100. Many petrol stations open 24 hours. There is a road emergency breakdown service available by calling 1230 or 1240.

The Czech Republic is a zero tolerance country. It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle under the influence of any amount of alcohol, and violations are very heavily punished. Speed limits are 31 mph (50 kph) in built-up areas, 55 mph (90 kph) outside built-up areas and 80 mph (130 kph) on motorways. Traffic fines can usually be paid on the spot.

The condition of many roads is continually improving, but to be economical and fast, drive on the motorways as much as possible, although if you want to get to remote parts of the country you will not avoid side-roads that may be a little bumpy sometimes.


There are excellent options for travelling by bus within the Czech Republic. As in other parts of Europe, buses are a fast and popular means of transport. In most cities and towns, bus terminals are located near the centre to be better accessible by foot, often close to the main railway station. On working days, buses run between major towns and cities several times a day, and there are at least a few lines between smaller towns and villages every day. When travelling between Prague and Brno, you can choose from bus lines operated by Čebus, Český Národní Expres and Student Agency. There are hundreds of smaller and bigger private bus transportation firms.

On the whole, buses are mostly run by the State Bus Company (

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